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EXPLAIN THE ROYAL FAMILY cases of hemophyllia in the picture below of the following individuals: Queen Victoria, King Albert, Queen elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Czar Alexei.

Alternatively, CONSTRUCT A PEDIGREE (use the instructions on the file "How to build a pedigree" under UNIT 3 to guide yourself or here) for your family on any of the following traits (remember females are circles, males are squares, dominant phenotype is shaded black, recessive trait is left white, marriage is a joint line between male and female, descendants come down from that joint line):
*Widow's peak
*Cleft chin
*Mid finger hair
*Detached earlobe
*Tongue rolling
*PTC tasting
*Face freckles
*Darwin's ears
*Any other trait that you are aware of or that you would like to track

Answer the following questions after you have found your family's pedigree:
1- Possible genotype of each family member
2- Explanatory hypothesis of you, other family members and your future descendants


  1. Alexa Gonzalez
    December 6, 2010
    Honors Biology
    Period 2

    Pedigree of the royal family

    Queen Victoria was a carrier of hemophylia unlike King Albert who was just a recessive trait carrier. Queen Elizabeth II was not a carrier of hemophylia and neither was her son Prince Charles but both had carried the recessive traits from their decendents Queen Victoria and King Albert. Czar Alexei did have hemophylia and died at the age of 14. It seems that the trait that Queen Victoria was carrying of hemophylia was not passed down immediately but after a few generations. This exemplifies how a specific trait that is passed down may be inherited by some generations but not by others.

    1. This is not accurate.

    2. Agreed ... How can Prince Albert be a carrier and not have hemophilia?

  2. Enmanuel Espinales:
    Period 2

    I reviewed the trait of a "Detached vs. Attached Earlobe". I found out that most people in my generation are the ones who have the detached earlobe. I also found out that my mother side of the family was the one who had the dominant trait. it turns out that out of 3 daughter my mother and her sister have detached earlobe while only one sister has attached. and my aunt has 3 kids which 2 have detached earlobes. my mother has 2 kids and both have detached. my aunt has 2 kids and one of them has detached earlobe. i suspect the most of my children will carry the dominant trait and have it in the phenotype. i also suspect the my nieces and nephews will most likely have detached earlobes.

  3. Olivia Azadikhah
    Dr. Ochatt
    H Biology
    Period 2

    In the Royal family Queen Victoria carried the gene for hemophilia, but she herself did not actually have the disease. King Albert did not carry the gene for hemophilia or have hemophilia. Of King Albert and Queen Victoria’s eight children, two of them carried hemophilia, and one of them actually had hemophilia. There was some interesting situations going on; a daughter carrier married a male non carrier whose children married the sister of the mother carrier. Of all of the king and queen’s 22 grandchildren three of them had hemophilia, and four of them were carriers for the disease. Of all of the king and queens many great grand children six of them had hemophilia, but none of them actually carried the gene for it. After that none of them carried hemophilia anymore, or had it.
    Possible genotypes:
    Carrier for hemophilia
    Or None

  4. In the cases of hemophyllia in the picture shows that King Albert did not have a chance of hemophyllia.Queen victoria had a carrier hemophyllia.She didn't have hemophyllia but caried it in her genes resulting of a generation offspring of 2 girls and a boy carrying a carrier of hemophyllia.The fifth generation 4 girls had the carrier of hemophyllia and 3 more girls did had hemophyllia.The sixth generation had 6 boys with hemophyllia including King Alexei,causing his death at age 14.In the 7th generation queen Elizabeth had no carrier for hemophylia or hemophylia and so did all of the other offspring.In the 8th generation charles had no hemophylia or any carrier for it.I think hemophyllia might appear on the next genration as a carrier because or the particulate hypothesis.Maybe one of the offspring in the next generation would have hemophyllia by the way in the mid time of the generation many had a high percentage of having hemophyllia and carriers of it.

  5. Katherine GlickmanDecember 6, 2010 at 6:01 PM

    Period 2nd

    In the family descent of Queen Victoria and King Albert, they had 7 generations found in their pedigree. Queen Victoria was the carrier of hemophilia. When she had her children, some of them inherited the hemophilia. The children of Victoria had their own children which had their own children as well, which led to Alexei. Alexei was also inherited the trait of hemophilia from her great-great-grandmother. She died at the age of 14. Hemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder in which your blood doesn't clot normally as others. People with hemophilia bruise easily and bleed more than others. When they cut them selves, they bleed continuously. Probably why she died of such a young age.

  6. Maryann Rodriguez
    p. 4 HBIO
    Dr. Ochatt

    Trait: tongue rolling
    1- Possible genotype of each family member. The possible genotype of every family member is most likely homozygous dominant since they are all shaded.
    2- Explanatory hypothesis of you, other family members and your future descendants. For future generations the F1 generation will most likely be dominant and the F2 generation would depend on the future husband or wife and whether they're dominant or recessive.

  7. Gabriella Elmir

    Queen Victoria, King Albert, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Czar Alexei; the Royal Family carries the genetic disorder Hemophilla in their genes. It started with the marriage between Queen Victoria and King Albert. Queen Victoria is a carrier for the Hemophilla genetic disorder. In turn,some if not all of their offspring will also carry this disorder; especilly in the male descendants. As shown in the diagram at least one of the parents/ ancestors of Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, and Czar Alexei carry this genetic disorder. This result is from the original carrier Queen Victoria and also incest within the family; allowing this gene disorder to be carried to more family members. Moreover, I hypothesize that some of the Royal Family's future descendents will carry this genetic disorder. The possible genotype of each family member is heterozygous that expresses codominance.

  8. Nati Gilbert
    Honors Biology
    Period 2

    Pedigree of the Royal Family:

    All the people that showed the dominant phenotype of hemophyllia were males. That shows that hemophyllia is a recessive sex-linked gene carried on the X chromosome. It is more common for males to be diagnosed with this disease because they are XY. That means that they only need to inherit the trait for hemophyllia on the one X chromosome (because it isn't carried on the Y chromosome) inorder for them to get the disease. Females have XX so they have to inherit two traits, one on each chromosome, inorder to be diagnosed with hemophyllia. Females who only have one gene for hemophylia dont show the gene, but since they have one, they are called carriers of hemophyllia.

    The hemophylic people deaths ranged from two years old to fifty six years old. That shows how most hemophylic people die young, but a few are able to survive a little longer.

  9. Amanda Zakka
    Period 4

    Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that makes your blood take a longer time to clot. It was commonly seen in royal families and was typically known as "The Royal Disease" because Queen Victoria was the carrier of the gene and she had 9 children, and royalty married outside royalty so the disease eventually infected most of the royal houses in Europe.That is how it got its name because it spread through only the royal families.

    Cases of hemophilia in
    Queen Victoria: she is the carrier.

    King Albert: he will not get hemophilia because he is not blood related to Queen Victoria.

    Queen Elizabeth II:she will not get hemophilia because he is not blood related to Queen Victoria.

    Prince Charles: will not get hemophilia because he is not blood related to Queen Victoria.

    Czar Alexei: will get hemophilia because she is blood related to Queen Victoria.

  10. Dominick Mulder
    Period 2
    Dr. O
    H Bio

    The case of hemophilia appears to have started with Victoria in the 3rd generation. If H is the dominant trait of not having hemophilia and h is the recessive trait of having hemophilia, Victoria must have had a genotype of Hh. Because of this, she carried hemophilia but did not actually have it. As a result, some of her children also carried hemophilia, and one actually had a recessive phenotype and died at age 31 due to hemophilia. As time went on, more people got the Hh and hh genotypes, and those with the hh genotype generally lived to be around 20 to 30 years old. However, one only lived to be two, and another lived to be 56!

  11. Aliya Habib P2
    Hemophilia, “the royal disease” was caused because of the marriage of Queen Victoria and King Albert. You see Queen Victoria was the carrier of the disease and since the family married only family so keep the royalty in the blood, (literally) they married each other. This resulted in the trait of hemophilia the become more prominent and by the time she had 22 grandchildren 3 of them had the disease, 4 carried it.


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