Thursday, December 2, 2010


EXPLAIN THE ROYAL FAMILY cases of hemophyllia in the picture below of the following individuals: Queen Victoria, King Albert, Queen elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Czar Alexei.

Alternatively, CONSTRUCT A PEDIGREE (use the instructions on the file "How to build a pedigree" under UNIT 3 to guide yourself or here) for your family on any of the following traits (remember females are circles, males are squares, dominant phenotype is shaded black, recessive trait is left white, marriage is a joint line between male and female, descendants come down from that joint line):
*Widow's peak
*Cleft chin
*Mid finger hair
*Detached earlobe
*Tongue rolling
*PTC tasting
*Face freckles
*Darwin's ears
*Any other trait that you are aware of or that you would like to track

Answer the following questions after you have found your family's pedigree:
1- Possible genotype of each family member
2- Explanatory hypothesis of you, other family members and your future descendants