Saturday, August 29, 2009

Math & Science - Practice your algebra

The contemporary view of the sciences - physics, chemistry and biology, is that they are heavily dependent on mathematics. Visit The Mathematical Biology Pages at Brandeis University to understand some examples in biology and its reliance on advanced math. To quote the site: "Four full years of high school math are a requirement for any student who may want to pursue a career involving biology." MDCPS Competency Based Curriculum for Honors Biology indicates in all its components at least one math-based issue in the biological sciences.
Our Honors Biology Course at MAST Academy will rely on your knowledge of many algebraic concepts, so, you need to review them to be able to complete your textbook and laboratory component activities. Some of them include Punnett square analysis, 
Practice your algebra here. Make sure to review the four main topics in this page, since they are an integral part of our course: 1- the language of algebra, 2- equations and inequalities, 3- the basis of algebra, and 4- graphing equations and inequalities. If you haven't seen any of these algebra aspects before, please come see me.

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